How to unblock an outside drain

Noticing that your drains are blocked is very easy as you will see everything slowing up inside the house and an overflow outside is a sure sign that there is a blockage in the outside drains. Such a blockage can be caused by many factors and getting it handled is the only way you will eliminate the discomfort and health hazard that is within your property.
Blocked outside drain Brixton should be handled using the correct tools at all times or you may be disappointed. You need drain rods that have rubber plungers, pair of gloves, a spade, a hose, watering can, disinfectant, and drain rods.
How to go about it
The first business of the day when dealing with Blocked outside drain Brixton is to locate that blockage. You need to find the manhole and lift the covers using the spade. Inspect the chambers that are near the main drain, the cesspool, and the septic tank than the gully and overflowing chamber. If you find empty chambers, keep on looking till you find the one that is full and then get it emptied.
So as to clear blockage, you need to use the rod that has a plunger into the chamber at the section that is blocked. Find the mouth and start plunging. You can add as many rods as necessary along the pipe so as to clear the blockage. You need to run the rod in a clockwise motion while working because going anti clockwise may just unscrew the plunger. You need to keep on pushing the obstruction and then move away a bit. If the blockage doesnt shift, you need to change the plunger and use the corkscrew attachment instead as it will break up the obstruction.
The clearance should be completed by a jet of water down the drain using the hosepipe. The jet has to be strong.

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