How to unblock a shower in Brixton

One of the most common problems that you can face within your household is a blocked shower or bath. This is something that happens after continuously using your bathroom on a daily basis. Sometimes the blockage can be so intense that the water doesnt drain and this completely alters the way you use your bathroom. Sometimes, the water may be draining slowly but as time passes by, this causes a buildup that is rather slippery because of the soap, the grime and dirt on the bottom of the shower tray or bath. It can be very dangerous and very unsightly. For this reason, you need to handle a blocked shower Brixton as soon as possible. What you can doUsually, it is not very difficult to unblock a shower or bath. This means that you dont have to call in the professionals yet. There are some DIY methods that you can try so as to handle the blockage. When you have a blocked shower Brixton, you need to look and try to see whether you can tell what exactly is causing the blockage and remove it. You can do this by unscrewing or lifting the chrome cover and pulling out the plug for situations where there is the old kind of plug and chain. Usually, the blockage is caused by a very simple build up of soap and hair, so if you see hair at the bottom of the drain, try reaching out and pulling. It may be a nasty business, but it is rather simple to do. A coat hanger can also be used or, if possible, pliers. You can use any kind of grabbing tool that can be able to do the trick.A plunger can also be used to unblock a drain. You need a plunger that is a cup type for purposes of clearing the basin, shower and bath blockage.

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