How to unlock a toilet in Brixton

Mop with a plastic bag: To unblock the Blocked toilet Brixton, put a mop within a bag and tie the bag securely on the mop. You should put on rubber gloves when you start to do this. In case you do not have rubber gloves, you should get an extra plastic bag to use instead. You should plunge the mop inside the toilet for some time until it empties. Use a coat hanger: Get a hanger and then unwind it so that you can bend it to have a curve. You may have to wear the gloves for this. Push the wire in the canal of the toilet and do what you can so that you can be able to clear it. You have to do this carefully since you may scratch the toilet, but it will only take a few minutes. If you already have a toilet brush, you should try to use it to plunge the toilet until it can unblock completely. The use of caustic soda: This is the option you have if you want to unblock the Blocked toilet Brixton that was clogged seriously. This is when there is organic waste in it and you have tried all options like using water, a wire hanger and a plunger. You should be extra careful if you are handling the caustic soda and you should get at least 3kgs and a plastic bucket. You should have a plastic object so that you can use it to stir as well as goggles and plastic gloves and any other things for your safety. You should not pour the caustic soda into the toilet directly since the crystals may solidify inside the pipe and they may lead to an even bigger block. It is essential in mixing caustic soda to use water and to use such a solution in order to unblock the clogged toilet. Let the mix stay for the night and see what happens in the morning.

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